Meet the Artist/Conocer a la artista

Hello and welcome! I'm Carmen Aranda, founder of Cultivate Cards. I moved to Philly in 2017 to volunteer with Redemption City Church. I am proudly Italian and Mexican. Passionate about mental health and social justice, I wanted to design cards that infused all of my passions in one space. 

I've always used art as a form of self-care through various mental health struggles and have found strength in the community. I launched Cultivate after seeing many unmet needs in Philly-- neighbors struggling to pay bills, covid impacting elementary students' ability to go to school, and local non-profits struggling to financially provide services to their clients. 

Genuinely always striving to find a way to care for others, I took a leap of faith and launched these greeting cards. Beyond giving 10% of proceeds back into Philadelphia's community, I yearn to celebrate Mexican culture and inspire connection. 

When we celebrate others, there is a sense of connection. As I began researching the disparity of Mexican representation in hand-made cards, I was moved to action. The vibrancy of Mexican culture can be found in some designs, porque importa como celebramos. 

Finally, the invitation to purchasing sustainable cards that use 100% recycled material, while supporting local print shops here in Philly increases the value of these cards for more than a dollar amount. There is no planet B, so let's take care of what we have here and now -- for future generations and for a greener Earth.