Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year. Cultivate's sustainability reduces that number by using 100% of recycled materials--from the cards we use to the envelopes they're carried in.

Giving Back Jawn

This month (July) we will be donating to: Artístas y Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA).“AMLA promotes the development, dissemination, and understanding of Latin music and culture in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley region with an emphasis on Youth.” - Head over to to read more!

Celebration and Culture

We design cards that resonate with the Latinx community in efforts to foster connection and celebration. Additionally, giving back to Philadelphia together helps us celebrate the power in community.

Special Moments

Exchanging letters on their wedding Day, Dena and Jake chose Cultivate Cards to communicate their love with letters they will revisit for anniversaries to come. Photographer Alex Schon elegantly captured a moment Dena and Jake will cherish for a life time.